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Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy sits at the core of all of our work. From comprehensive strategies that integrate marketing, operations, sales, and admin processes, to integrated marketing strategies based in deep insights and market research.

Growth Hacking & Lead Generation

A key requirement of most FinTech businesses is aggressive and exponential growth. We conceptualise and develop innovative and ground-breaking growth hacking strategies to accelerate our client’s recruitment and conversion metrics.

Content Creation

We produce tailor-made content for our clients’ digital and social media platforms. This content takes the form of designed graphic content, photography, animation, videography, and blogging.

Media Strategy & Placement

We conceptualise, produce and place digital media adverts, be they web banners, animated gifs or video ads, across all major networks, including the Google Display Network, YouTube, Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, WiFi platforms and more.

Creative Design

Many of our clients require above-the-line ads to maximise awareness and to build trust. Our team of creatives and graphic designers specialise in conceptualising, designing and producing campaigns for print, TV and/or radio to drive these objectives.

Platform Development

While most of our clients have their own tech and dev teams, we have the ability to build and maintain various digital platforms, including websites, apps, loyalty programs, landing pages and games.

Bulk Digital Communication

We build and manage customer databases and then handle bulk communications with these databases via HTML Emailers, SMS, WhatsApp, USSD, Telegram and more.

PR & Influencer Marketing

We have a comprehensive network of media outlets, as well as tech, blockchain and financial influencers that we leverage to drive our clients’ marketing objectives. Central to this is our proprietary platform, SA Crypto, which we utilise as often as possible.

Innovation & Ideation

We are continually striving to innovate and deliver cutting edge solutions for our clients. Technologies that we are working with include RFID, NFC, Augmented and Virtual Reality, e-commerce, home digitisation, blockchain solutions, biometrics, sonic barcodes, Artificial Intelligence, and more…

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We’re SwiftX, a full service marketing agency that focuses on providing world class growth and conversion solutions to the Fintech industry. We were born out of the emergence of new technologies that have led to an explosion of new banking, insurance, investment, blockchain, cryptocurrency and other financial companies, platforms and products. While we specialise in digital marketing, lead generation and growth hacking strategies, our solutions stretch into the traditional marketing space too, with each solution being created to achieve our client’s specific needs.

  • Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • Growth Hacking
  • Lead Generation
  • Business Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Media Placement
  • Sales Strategy and Support
  • Ideation and Innovation


Marketing Strategy
Growth Hacking & Lead Generation
Creativity & Design
Innovation & Ideation


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